Cloud-Based Location Tracking
Platform - from MovingPIN

MovingPIN is a leading technology company which provides cloud-based GPS solution for real-time location tracking specializing in personal, asset and vehicle tracking. We help individual to track their kids, family members, car, bike or school bus. Businesses can locate their fleets, valuable assets, delivery boy, field force or BPO cabs using our end to end GPS solution.

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MovingPIN GPS Tracker

Track your Kids & Family Members

MovingPIN GPS Tracker

Track your Stuff

MovingPIN GPS Tracker

Track your Cars & Bikes

MovingPIN GPS Tracker

Track your school Buses

Track your Daughter

85% parents don't feel safe when their daughters are out for a job, especially during late hours. Just keep a watch.

MovingPIN GPS girl safety

Track your Kids

Track your kids when they go to school. Get notifications when they reach school in the morning or when they are about to arrive home in the afternoon.

MovingPIN track kids child GPS

Track Your Car

Keep the device in your car and track it on a map. No need to install the device in your car.

MovingPIN track fleet truck car GPS

Track Your Fleet

Track your cabs or trucks or personal vehicles by installing the GPS Device or just placing the device in the vehicle (without installing)

MovingPIN track fleet truck car GPS

Track Your Field Force

Install the MovingPIN App on the phones of your field force or drives and track their location or see past trips.

MovingPIN track fleet truck car GPS


MovingPIN offers two types of products to enable tracking & alerts - A specialized GPS device and through a mobile app.

Personal GPS Tracker

Used for child & asset tracking. For ex, place the Personal GPS Tracker in a child's bag.

Vehicle GPS Tracker

Used for vehicle & fleet tracking. For ex, track your cabs or trucks or personal vehicles.

Driver / Field Force Mobile App

An app that goes in the mobile phone of field force or personnel who needs to be tracked. The app continuously sends location for tracking purpose. In case of Mobile App, there is no need for a GPS Device - just the App needs to be on the phone.

How Location Tracking Works

GPS track anything movingpin

Place the GPS device in a kid's bag or install in a vehicle. Or, carry a MovingPIN App

GPS track anything movingpin

Our servers talk to the GPS Device or the App and tracks their location

GPS track anything movingpin

Go to and Track, or use the MovingPIN Enterprise App for tracking

MovingPIN Cloud Platform - A Technological Excellence!

MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform


MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform

Where is my PIN Now?

Find current location of your PIN at any point in time. Track it on a desktop or through a mobile application.

MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform

Track your PIN in real Time

Track your pin location in real time on a map. See your PIN moving on the map

MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform

Let me know when my PIN reaches school

Get an alter when your child enters or leaves a particular place such as school or tuition or dance class

MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform

Where was the PIN yesterday

Look at the history of the PIN, and see every location and turn the PIN has moved in the past

MovingPIN GPS cloud tracking platform

Share Location

Share the location & live tracking of your PIN to others for a 'limited' period of time

MovingPIN map locate

Customer Stories

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I keep the PIN in my Laptop bag as my Laptop is one of my prized possessions. After office, whenever I am with my friends I am always worried about leaving my Laptop in the bar or restaurant. I got fascinated with the PIN and bought one to keep in my laptop bag at all times. Although I never left my bag behind but the fact that I can track it anytime gives me a peace of mind.

IT Professional

Being an EA to an MD of one of the largest Indian MNC, I carry lots of sensitive data in my laptop. Having a fear of getting the data stolen or misplaced, I carry my laptop at every place. Even while dining with my clients / family / friends I don't keep it in my car. Recently I found PIN and kept it in my laptop bag. PIN allows me to track my bag sitting anywhere. Now I don't have to carry the bag always and can enjoy the moment with a peace of mind.

EA to an MD

My daughter is 15 and she loves dancing. Every evening, she goes to her dance class which is nearby only. But I can't concentrate in office until she reaches back home. When she got a PIN from her school and teacher suggested her to carry it everywhere, I felt relieved. Now I can track her on my mobile and get notification when she reaches her destination. I love my daughter and PIN makes me feel with her 24x7.

Working Mother

When MovingPIN team approached us with an idea of keeping PIN in our cabs so that employees know exactly when to reach at their pickup point, we thought to give it a try with one cab. Our employees were happy, they don't have to wait for a longer time at the pickup point for the cab to arrive. Now we have kept PIN in all our cabs. Another level of employee satisfaction at a minimal cost!

HR Professional of an IT company

We go on vacation twice a year. Last year while travelling we lost our luggage and it ruined our vacation. When we came to know about PIN we got fascinated & bought one to use in our trips. Now we simply keep the PIN in our luggage bag and remain tension-free.

A Family of four